Friday, May 20, 2011

Chrono Gallery - needs a rename!

I desperately need a catchy new name for what I have been calling Chrono Gallery. Here's the new thematic storyline:

An old, eccentric archeologist has died and his private collection, rich with a variety of artifacts of various types from various Cultures and Eras, is being auctioned off. These artifacts have not yet been assessed, but as a museum curator, you don't want to wait for that, so you do your own research and you bid based on what you think the item's value is. Once all bids are in, the artifact will be assessed, and any bid that's higher than the actual value will not be approved by your board of directors! So the highest bid that is not greater than the actual value will win the artifact.

Please let me know what you think about titles for this game! Leave a comment!

1 comment:

steve said...

"Cura Galeria"

You can keep the "CG" abbreviation.
"Curator" from latin "cura," "galeria" is German for gallery, very euroriffic title :)