Saturday, October 16, 2010

Eminent Domain facelift and new techs

Because I still like the name Eminent Domain, I thought I'd try one more thing before giving up on it. I have better defined the themeatic aspects of the game, and have changed some terminology so that my original vision of the theme is better represented. Now we'll see if the "name doesn't fit theme" complaints subside at all. I think most of those complaints are stemming from some literal, focused definition of "eminent domain" when really I just want to convey the feeling of 'taking land.'

* Instead of the Colonize role (Colonize/Colony/Settle) there is now Influence (Influence/Incorporate)
* Instead of the Warfare role (Warfare/Attack) there is now Annex

I also added three Level 3 techs and three Level 2 techs - I simply made the "stay-in-play" techs double sided, so I haven't had to add any cards to the game. When you purchase one of those, you choose which of the 2 sides you want to come into play.

Here are the current Level 3 (and stay-in-play Level 2) technologies. I also gave them names:
- (Level 3) Hyperefficiency: Remove any number of cards in hand from the game before choosing a Role.
- (Level 3) Adaptability: Play any 2 matching cards to follow or boost any Role.
- (Level 2) Streamlining: You may remove 1 card in hand from the game before choosing a role
- (Level 2) Mercenaries: You may trade Armies as if they were resources (for 1vp each)
- (Level 3) Dissension: Draw an additional card when not following a role.
- (Level 3) Bureaucracy: You may Incorporate and Annex when following Influence and Annex roles.
- (Level 2) Fertile Ground: [Influence][Harvest][Research] (icons)
- (Level 2) Improved Storage: Each of your planets can store 1 additional resource.
- (Level 3) Productivity: Play an additional card for its action effect during your Action phase.
- (Level 3) Logistics: Play the Action and Role phases of your turn in any order.
- (Level 2) Industrialism: [Survey][Trade][Annex] (icons)
- (Level 2) Abundance: Planets you Incorporate or Annex come into play with resource slots full.

I also made some concept sketches for the box art. My original efforts were just OK, but I think it evolved into something really cool.


Isamoor said...

I'm all for trying to fit the theme...

but Colonize versus Warfare had a very nice opposite (Peace vs War)

Influence and Annex just don't sound different enough. I would not want to explain the game if those were two different options. I know lots of people that would never remember the difference...

Just brainstorming some other name ideas to help add a positive spin:

Colonial Planets
New Terra
Alien Horizons
New Orbits
Galactic Exodus
Exodus to the Stars
Cosmic Frontiers

tomg said...

Hi Seth,
I like the new art. With the right artist it could really pop.
More later.

Seth Jaffee said...

So having made a whole new prototype, I now worry that the new terminology is unattractive and that Incorporate and Annex are too similar, and I feel like I just want to leave it "Colonize" and "Warfare" and to hell with thematic consonance :/

nolan said...

I agree that Influence and Annex are too similar, only because they are too vague. You can certainly have military influence, or annex something through political power only (although -- "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun").

That's why I like leaving Warfare as is. It's pretty clear. Again I suggest "Occupy" is a more specific than "Attack", but I think the role name should remain Warfare. Also with "Occupy", you get the sense of where you are "spending" your armies; you require that many armies to be present on that planet in order to maintain control of it.

I also think that Propaganda/-ize or Diplomacy is better thematically than Colonize. Either way, you'd have to spin that you are adding "propaganda" or "diplomatic influence" to the planet before you can "incorporate" it. Colonize just doesn't make sense to me, as you aren't really establishing a new society, but taking control of an existing society.

Seth Jaffee said...

I do like "Occupy" as the term for flipping a planet, instead of Attack. I could do that.

As for Colonize, I agree - it doesn't fit the theme I'm trying to use (to separate myself a little bit from Race for the Galaxy's theme). But other terms just seem to make people complain that they're obtuse, or esoteric, or "why aren't you just calling it Colonize?" Which makes me think it might be better to leave it Colonize, which is obviously different than Warfare, because either way SOMEBODY is going to complain.