Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eminent Domain notes

This is for my own reference:

- Change "Metallic" to "Mining"

- Change "Colonize" and "Settle" to "Annex"
-  Change "Colonize" and "+1 Colony" to "Influence" and "Settle" to "Accede"
-AND PERHAPS- change "Warfare" to "Annex"

- Change "+1 Colony" to "Occupy" (?)

- Label all Level 1 Tech cards "Advanced [Annex/Research/Harvest/Trade/Survey/Warfare]"

- Create names for all Level 2 and Level 3 Tech cards

- Research Action has become "Remove up to 2 cards in hand from the game (may include this card)"

- Advanced Research Action has become "Draw 1 card, then remove up to 3 cards in hand from the game (may include this card)"

- Find replacements for Level 3 Advanced and perhaps Fertile techs. Possibilities include:
  1. "Remove any number of cards in hand from the game before choosing a Role"
  2. "Play any 2 matching cards to Boost or Follow a Role"
  3. "Play the Action phase and the Role phase in any order"
  4. "You may Annex/Attack when following an Annex/Warfare role"

- Consider alternatives for Politics card:
  1. Change Action to "Boost your Role this turn by 1, then remove this card from the game"
  2. Start each player with only 1 Politics card (9 card starting deck)

- Consider what needs to be done to support Eminent Domain as a name, because in addition to my liking it, Michael does too. In other words, represent the theme well.

The players in Eminent Domain are, thematically, like the Emperor in Star Wars - in charge of a space empire, and determined to make it grow and improve. To be clear, in Star Wars, the Emperor had other agendas, so that you lead a space empire is where that similarity is intended to end.

Also, it's not a "space game" so much as a game that is set in space. How do I express that graphically to people?

OR - do I cave in and change the name of the game, perhaps to Manifest Destiny or Manifest Destiny 3012 (which doesn't excite me too much, and in some ways has garnered the same complaints that Eminent Domain did)? If so, how do I express THAT graphically?

What should the box art look like? Also, the tech cards - I guess some of them will depend on the name.


tomg said...

Hi Seth,
Here are my first thoughts.
F1: Cities? Occupied? Annex? Title suggestions pending.
F3: Production.
F4: Stockpile.
A1: Purge. Or more themey - Assassination
A2: Commerce.
A3: Inflation.
M2: Scout
M4: Abundance or Jackpot

Change Metallic to Mining - I like.
Colonize & Settle to Annex - good
Explain the next line.
I like the idea of labeling the Tech cards a lot. This was a comment in one of our games recently.
The changes in the Research Action and Adv. Res. Action seem fine to me.
I like the additional actions for the Politics card. More useful.
The Name: Though it doesn't turn my wheel, I say stay with it if you really like it. If the game is very good, the name will not hold it back. It is YOUR game. Do what you want to do with it. In the end you have to be happy with it.
Support - Start some buzz. Get review copies into the right hands. Attractive art will help sell it. Research how to market it with retailers.
How to not make it a 'space game'? That will be hard. Because of the theme, people will automatically label it as such. I think buzz on how well it plays will overcome this.
Graphics - Find some book cover art that you like and go with that. Research popular covers over the last 5 or 10 years (Hugo Awards, etc.). I personally like retro-50's space art but Alien Frontiers may have already gotten that.

Lastly, can you give us some more flavor of the game. It would help us get the feel you are going for. I think I have a good idea. The Star Wars ref helped. But this is more like the Star Wars comic strip or Marvel published comics (gorgeous Al Williamson art)
There's an idea. Go for the Weird Science/Flash Gordon art from the comics. I know Al died recently but there are lots of guys who are emulating him, Frazetta, and the other EC guys well (Mark Shultz & Gary Gianni of Prince Valiant for some).
More Later,

nolan said...

Brain dump...

Colonize options:
Role name - Propaganda, Influence, Diplomacy, Politics
"Loading" - Campaign, Propaganda(-ize), Influence, Support
"Flipping" - Accede, Ally, Incorporate

Warfare options:
Role name - Warfare, Armament
Gaining armies - ? don't know if you need a verb... "gain an army"
Flipping - Occupy, Annex, Attack, Invade

I think I like Diplomacy/Influence/Accede (or use Influence as the role name as well) and Warfare/Occupy the best.

tomg said...

I agree with Nolan's suggestions. I like Diplomacy/Influence/Accede and Warfare/Occupy.