Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sales and popularity of Terra Prime

After an slow start to begin with, owing largely I think to rumors of poor production, and not helped by rumors of "luck" due to the presence of dice in the game, sales of Terra Prime dwindled down to around zero for the month of August, but I'm happy to report that they seem to have picked up a bit in September! At this point only about 1/2 of the 2000 copies printed remain in the PSI warehouse.

More good news, I've started a campaign to get Terra Prime implemented online at, an online portal for many great board games. I drummed up enough support to really impress the webmaster over there, and I think they are willing, even anxious to get to work coding up an online version of Terra Prime! I'm sure it'll be a lot of work to implement the game online, but I also think it's a perfect game for the format. It might take a while as they have to wait for a developer to become available, and then it'll probably take a long time to code the game. but I think it will be worth it! I think it will improve the visibility and popularity of the game, and it might be a good way to get the expansion out there and gauge demand for a print run. I would like to one day do a 2nd edition o the game and include the expansion in it, as well as print a few copies of the expansion by itself for those who are happy with their first edition games and don't want to upgrade.

So while Terra Prime didn't make as big a splash as I'd hoped when it first hit the scene, I think it's coming into it's own over time. Hooray!

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tomg said...

I play on a lot. I would very much like to see Terra Prime there. I do think it would up the awareness of the game.